Art in Progress

At Kamaguna Guitars, we create hand-made / hand-crafted guitars. We generally have a Buddhist theme in our designs because I believe in the life principles it carries as it is very much similar to what music brings to life, that feeling of being alive and present.

The designs we put in our guitars are very personal to me and I take pride in what we create. This sense of ownership and pride is what we want to share to our clients. Given this, we would be very happy to create custom made guitars for you as our clients. You can choose any design you like and our craftmanship would bring it to life using the art of inlay.

Our inlay work designs are made of mostly shells such as mother-of-pearl and abalone. We also make use of different wood types to create variety in our designs.

- Grant Nelson, PhD


Kāmaguṇa refers to our senses that experience and give rise to pleasurable inner feeling like the strings (GUNA) of lute when plucked.


The Om is considered to be the 'primordial sound',

the place where purity, truth, passion, vitality and inertia exist.

For in this place, one finds their inner peace.


Buddhist Dharma Wheel

Each spoke of the wheel represents the Noble Eightfold Paths. The three swirls at the center represents the Three Jewels -- Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.